Our Lending Team

YSEClubs has a collaborative opportunity to support individuals in developing countries who lack the resources to start or grow their business. We formed a lending team on Kiva.org to provide microloans for as little as $25 to borrowers who's profiles match our interests. The "team" approach to lending enables members to rally around shared goals.

All individuals are welcome to join our lending team. You may participate in funding shared projects or projects of your choice. There are thousands of projects to choose from. The funds you loan are returned directly to you by Kiva when the borrower repays them. The amount you loan is counted toward our lending team's impact, but the funds and repayments remain your property.

To join our lending team, open a Kiva account at [click here] and select YSEClubs.org as your team.  

For more information, visit our lending team page at [click here].