What We Do

At YSEClubs, we believe in educating youth on social entrepreneurship and providing them with resources, tools and opportunities to help advance their social impact goals. Our approach is to focus on:

  1. Encourage Youth to Participate in Clubs - One of the best ways for youth to contribute to solving social problems is to start or join a social impact club. We take every opportunity to encourage this on our website and newsletter, during speaking engagements and through social media outreach. This is why we choose the name YSEClubs. 
  2. Provide Educational Material - We provide our members with articles on global issues, social entrepreneur strategies, youth impact stories and other educational material.
  3. Locate Resources & Tools - We locate resources and tools that our members can use for their clubs and social impact goals, such as fundraising platforms and free website hosting. Our club starter guide is a valuable resource to assist youth leaders in achieving their goals of starting a club.
  4. Promote Collaboration - Solving social problems can be better achieved through collaboration rather than individual efforts. We encourage collaboration by promoting the activities of members through social media and other platforms. We also provide opportunities to join community-led social impact projects, such as our lending team on Kiva.