Our Story

It was summer of 2015 and Eliana Neuwirth was taking a precollege sociology class through UCLA. The professor asked the class to think about how to stop the cycle of social problems, such as poverty, which prompted an interesting discussion among the students. It was during this discussion that Eliana was introduced to the concept of social entrepreneurship. She became inspired and started to think about ways to impact society on a large scale.

Eliana believes that youth are capable of finding solutions to social problems and that age should not be a barrier. She also believes that collaboration is important and that a youth movement of social entrepreneurs would greatly contribute to solving social problems. The idea for a community of like-minded youth who would educate other youth on social entrepreneurship and encourage them to start or join clubs would soon follow.

With support from family and friends, YSEClubs.org was officially launched in September of 2016.